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QUESTION: You answered my last question and it helped for a day but that is it. As I said in my last one my shoulder got hurt on Thursday and now it is Sunday night. I am in a lot of pain As well as unable to go to a doctor or the hospital due to the fact my parents don't believe me since I have been using it and I'm not crying when around them.

I can hardly type this because of the pain. I really would appreciate knowing what I could do to make it heal and minimize the pain. I have most of my range of motion back which I think is good not sure though. Tomorrow I have taekwondo and have to go.

The pain in my shoulder/ collar bone area got so bad last night that my friends helped me find a spot to sit and got me a cold pop can to put against it for a while.

I guess what I'm trying to ask is what should I do about my shoulder?

I have not been sleeping well since I injured it because I get these weird pains in it and I usually end up sleeping on it part way through the night.

ANSWER: Hello,

My best suggestion at this point is still to go see a doctor, especially with no improvement and by the sounds of it, the pain has increased. You don't necessarily need your parents to be there. If there is someone else who could drive you to the ER or some other way for you to get there you can go on your own. That said, you also do not want to hide anything in front of your parents. If the pain is bad enough that you are crying because of it don't hide it, it might help them realize there is something actually wrong. Be vocal about your injury and hopefully the more you talk about it they will be more likely to do something about it. You should also let them know if you go to the ER.

Without knowing what the underlying problem is I can't really give you an idea of exactly how to make it better other than to keep resting it and icing it.

It would also be a good idea to let your taekwondo instructor know about your injury. I'm sure they would make accommodations and may be able to give you some ideas as well. They would likely have some experience with sports related injuries that could help you as well.

I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.

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QUESTION: Yes the pain has increased a lot. The town I live in does not have a hospital plus the parents I'm talking are not my real ones so they really don't care and think I'm seeking attention. Would a pic of my shoulder help any? The email address is one my parents don't know about yet.

My friend typed this for me. I am holding my shoulder. I will definitely try icing it again. Should I tell my music teacher about my shoulder? I have to teach a class at cadets on Wednesday will it be ok to stretch my arm while teaching?

I will be checking my schedule for a chance to try and sneak out to get it checked

Unfortunately a picture of your shoulder wouldn't really allow for a better idea of what the issue is. Visual clues can help but there are a lot more things that would need to be considered. Without an x ray and possibly other tests it's not really possible to have a definitive answer.

Telling your music teacher would be a good idea, that way he/she knows something is up. Letting teachers know about possible limitations is always a good idea. Stretching your shoulder may help as well just be careful and gentle with the stretching and if it makes it worse I would recommend stopping.

As always, seeing a doctor is a good idea. Hopefully you can get to one soon so you can start to feel better soon :)

Good luck, I hope it feels better soon. Let me know if I can answer any more questions for you.  

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