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4 days ago
4 days ago  
"I first noticed just a small spot with some pain but not much, the next day it was worse. Now 3 days later the spot has gotten bigger and it is swollen around it with sever pain. The pain feels as if my finger is broken like the bones hurt. It sends random throbbing up to my hand. I've been keeping it clean. I can't bend my finger without crying. If anything touches it, the pain gets real bad. My mom poked a hole in it and tried to pull it apart to get puss out but nothing would come out but blood."


It could be any number of things from an insect bite to a splinter or something similar. The biggest thing is it sounds, and looks as if it is infected. You will need to have it checked out by a doctor. In the mean time keep it clean and dry. I would not recommend trying to clear out any infection that is there yourself.

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