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First Aid/very bad cold or possible flu


Hello Marcus. I'm 22 years old. Since about 3 days ago I've been experiencing flu-like symptoms. I think I caught it from a family member. My symptoms are sore throat, runny nose, sneezing, coughing, feeling weak or low on energy, loss of ability to taste or smell anything and also a high temperature. I've been taking cold medicine, sore throat lozenges and paracetamol tablets. It seems a lot worse than colds I've had in the past. Do you think I should see a dr or just try to ride it out?

Hello Rob,

Sorry to hear you've been sick. Yes, especially in the US (and maybe other countries?) the flu have been especially hard hitting. if you can see your doctor early (within a couple days) Tamiflu is an option:

You're probably beyond that window. The best thing you can do is stay home, get lots of rest, lots of fluids. Watch for worsening bronchitis/ pneumonia. I think the average course of the most prevalent flue(s) are around 5-7 days.

Good luck, get better soon.


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