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Hi there, i just wanna ask if there are multiple victims in an accident which type of injury should be treated first,
- victims who fainted
- victims with fracture injury
- victims suffering from traumatic shock
- victims suffering from severe shock.

Thank You in advance :)

Hello Don,

Generally speaking, given the above patient's, shock should be treated first with the fainting a close second. Shock (any kind) is a lack of blood flow to the organ or organs. Traumatic shock, I'm assuming is from blood loss? possibly a serious neurologic injury? Severe shock(?) maybe blood loss... or some other reason for a lack of blood flow.

The fainting could be potentially serious, depending on why they fainted, If was was due to an arrhythmia or a hypotensive event, especially if it hasn't self corrected.

The fracture injury, probably less serious, though a long bone fracture (femur or humerus) or the pelvis, could be potentially serious and result in possible severe internal bleeding.

It's always important to treat the patient not the injury. As you can see above, I'm making my best guess on what kind of injuries or illnesses these patient's may have, but to actually see then (and to take a set of vitals... to a point) is important before you could really say who to treat first.

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