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I need some information for my novel. A person is stabbed just under his clavicle, closer to the shoulder. Is it possible that lung and joint stays undamaged, and no serious    
consequences happen? And when the ambulance comes, what has to be done? And one more thing. Another person gets his arm wounded by a sharp rake. There has to be a serious bleeding, probably from veins. Is this possible if the upper arm is injured? Or should it be forearm? And what first aid would this person get?
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Hello Rasa,

The shoulder is a pretty complex joint, even if you were to miss cutting all joint structures you would likely hit supporting structures (muscles, nerves, tendons, and blood vessels). It is doubtful that your character could escape a stab wound to the shoulder without the need for surgical repair.

The arm wound:  Just because it's venous bleeding doesn't mean it's minor. There are a number of blood vessels in the upper and lower arm (veins) that have the potential for sizable blood loss if the bleeding isn't quickly controlled. The lower arm is slightly better if you have to choose one. I assume this would be some kind of landscape rake with steel teeth?

The general treatment for a soft tissue wound (stabbing or rake injury) is direct pressure, bandaging and immobilization of the joints above and below the wound. In the case of an arm/ shoulder injury this means an arm sling.

Good luck with your story.


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