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Dear Marcus,
I recently read an answer of your's concerning a stab wound to the shoulder, which mentioned a shoulder infection if not treated at a hospital. So, my question is, how long would it take to produce an infection? Also, what would happen to the shoulder if extreme pressure (like a lot of body weight) was applied to the wound?

Thank you!

Hello Zoie,

An infection of the wound could become visible in less than 24 hours (there's always that time period when you think it might be infected but hope it's not, but time will tell).  Pressure on the wound? I'm not sure what your asking? if someone was standing on the shoulder it would of course cause trauma to the muscles, tendons and joint capsule... especially if the weight was maintained for over 30 minutes. direct pressure, say 5-15 lbs is actually therapeutic to control and stop bleeding.

I hope that answered your question well enough. Good luck with your story.


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