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Hi, my daughter stepped on a piece of glass tonght.  At first, it was bleeding pretty bad and we could not see it that well.  My husband was able to pull a piece of glass out of her foot.  However, se said that it was smaller than the piece she first saw in her foot.  now te bleeding has stopped andtere is almost no visible cut even left on her foot.  I am still worried, however, thanks to my mom whoalways told me about a girl she knew when she was young that died when she had glass in her foot and, as she put it, "it got in her blood". Is this a concern? Is that even possible?  Would we be safe keeping her off of her foot and waiting a few days to see if she feels like there is still more in there?

Hello Gina,

Glass in a coy is always a bit of a problem. It's hard to see, it can break in to more than 1 piece, and can travel deeper into the tissue if you probe too much trying to get it out. Having the glass "get into the blood" is very unlikely, especially in the foot, possibly if there was a deep puncture deep into the arm by a very thin piece of glass (though even that is unlikely). Maybe your mother is talking about an infection that got into the blood?... but even then, it's unlikely this would end in death because of modern medicine and the understanding of how to treat infections. If there is still a piece of glass in the foot it will likely encapsulate it's self to prevent it from moving or damaging surrounding tissue and eventually work it's way to the surface on it's own. If the site of the wound becomes painful I would have a doctor take a look at it to maybe help the process along, otherwise you shouldn't be overly concerned about and serious health problems occurring from an embedded piece of glass in the foot.

Good luck, I hope your daughter heals quick.


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