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I am writing a novel to be published next year. A young man is wounded when someone throws a knife that hits him in the back and punctures his lung. He staggers a few hundred feet, and collapses on someone's doorstep. He is then brought into the house, and a doctor is called to attend the victim.

While is is still alive, he coughs up blood, but he is unable to talk and loses consciousness and dies within a few minutes.

Is this a likely scenario? I'd like to provide more details about his chest wound.

What details can I use to explain his injury?

Thanks for your help.

Carole Coplea

Hi Carole;

Given the scenario you describe, this type of injury is referred to as a "sucking chest wound" which is life threatening and requires immediate medical attention. There is a broad range of information of the web regarding signs/symptoms and first aid, for this injury, that could be crafted into a story of how this individual was kept alive until professional help is available.

Hope this helps.


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