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First Aid/thigh injury and fluid buildup


A week ago, my son fell thru a deck. We were replacing rotten boards, but he found one before we could get it. He didn't break anything, but did get huge bruises on the outside and inside of his thigh. I did not take him to his dr, he seemed ok. The bruising is healing fine, however the outside of his thigh now has a large "lump". It feels like water or fluid. It is almost the size of a baseball. He has no pain. I have been reading online about injuries or trauma to the muscle or bruising the bone due to impact. This seems the same. Would wrapping it with an ACE bandage and a heating pad reduce the fluid? He has not stopped any activities either.  Should he see a Dr? Immediately? In a week or so? Thank you in advance, I'm looking forward to hearing from you!!

Kellie (mom)

Hello Kellie,

It sounds like a good bruise in the soft tissue. I would recommend a warm towel, or soak in warm water to help circulation remove the fluid. If you don't see a noticeable decrease in the size of the lump in a couple days I'd recommend calling your son's doctor to see if the doctor wants to look at the injury or prescribe other treatments.

Good luck, I hope your son heals quickly.


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