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Tuesday, I stepped on a sharp, dirty medal attachment to a desk. I bled a little and there was a tiny cut. I washed immediately and then forgot about it. Monday morning it was swollen, painful, red. I went immediately to my doctor who said it was cellulitis. I have been on an antibiotic for three days. I've attached a picture of the cut....Does it look like it is healing? I can't tell.

Without knowing what it looked like initially it is hard to say if it is healing or not.Good indicators you can look for are things like a decrease in the pain or the size of the red area. Cellulitis can be difficult to treat in some cases so your best bet is to take the antibiotics prescribed until they are finished, even if it gets better. If by the end of antibiotics it has not cleared up make sure you go back to your doctor and get it looked at again. In the mean time be sure to keep it clean and dry. You can wash it with a mild soap or wound cleaner (not rubbing alcohol).
I hope this helps. Let me know if you have any more questions.  

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