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First Aid/MRSA not cellulitis of the foot


QUESTION: Tuesday, I stepped on a sharp, dirty medal attachment to a desk. I bled a little and there was a tiny cut. I washed immediately and then forgot about it. Monday morning it was swollen, painful, red. I went immediately to my doctor who said it was cellulitis. I have been on an antibiotic for three days. I've attached a picture of the cut....Does it look like it is healing? I can't tell.

ANSWER: Hi Rosemary;

Although it is difficult to tell from, your picture, how much healing has occurred since you have seen your Doctor, the wound area appears clean and dry with limited swelling. The antibiotics should help control the swelling and the pain and hopefully by the weekend you should see visible signs of healing taking place. Please re-visit with your Doctor if the redness and swelling continues or spreads around the wound area.

Hope this helps


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QUESTION: The results from the lab just came back...I was misdiagnosed. It's not's MRSA! But, I think my infection has improved dramatically...look at today's picture....What do you think?

ANSWER: Hi Rosemary;

I agree. The reduction in swelling and redness show definite improvement.

Glad to see it..


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QUESTION: Does an employee need to report mrsa to the employer if the employee works in a confined area with people? How serious is MRSA? What is the difference in MRSA and cellulitis? Based on the improvement thus far, even though my initial condition was misdiagnosed and I was taking the wrong med's, I still look remarkably improved...Do you agree?

Hi Rosemary;

I do not know the current requirements for reporting such cases. I would however recommend that you speak with your employer just to be safe.
Here is a good explanation I found for the difference between the two conditions: Cellulitis is an infection (usually Staph) of the fat underneath the skin and can initially involve a small area on the hand or foot but then spread very quickly to involve the entire arm or leg and usually responds to normal antibiotics. MRSA is a type of Staph infection that is resistant to normal antibiotics.

I agree the improvement is noticeable.


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