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Hello again, Julie,
You were extremely kind and assessed the cut on my foot a few days ago. You said you couldn't tell if the healing was progressing because you had nothing for comparison. Here's a pic from today...better? If your answer is yes, I am a regular swimmer.Can you recommend any water proof bandages? When is it safe to go back into the water.
BTW: I gave you a 10 in the rating :)


I apologize for the delay in answering, it is some times difficult to answer if I have a busy shift at work. The photo attached seems to be identical to the one you had previously sent. Judging by the caption you may have tried to upload two separate ones, if that is the case I can only see one of them. If you could try just uploading the new picture I should be able to compare from the one I can see here and the new one.

In regards to a waterproof bandage I personally have not found a bandage that works well when submerged for any length of time. In order to keep a cut covered while in the water what I would suggest is using medical tape and wrapping it over the bandage and around your foot. Just be sure not to wrap the tape too tightly so you don't impair circulation. As for when you can go back in the water a good rule to follow is when the cut has scabbed over you can go in the water as long as the water is fairly clean. As long as you clean and dry the area once you are out of the water it should not be a problem. The exception to this would be if you have been instructed to keep it dry by a doctor or someone else who has examined the cut.

I hope this helps and if you can re-send the new photo I can hopefully help you see if it is progressing.  

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