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First Aid/gunshot wound to the shoulder


Mr. Hammond, I have a fictional scenario I'd like to run past you. I have a character who gets shot in the right shoulder. Based on your past answers (and please correct me if I'm wrong), it seems that it would be possible for her to have the bullet lodged in her soft tissue and, assuming she has a high pain tolerance and ability to deal with the wound, get herself out of the situation she's in if she can control the bleeding.

Now, my question: Getting to a hospital or any kind of immediate medical care is not an option. At the time, it's unsure how quickly she'll have access to professional medical help. Given this, is it feasible that someone else would extract the bullet and cauterize the wound? I currently have a bullet extraction scene written and I would very much like to keep it, but only if this is a possible scenario.

Thank you so much for your time!

Hi Michele;

In reference to your question. it is possible that a soft tissue bullet wound could be managed without professional medical care. Couple of caveats: The "someone else" would have to have some knowledge and hopefully confidence that extraction and control of bleeding/infection can be accomplished. If the bullet involved bones or vital organs, the difficulty index increases significantly. A skillful person should be able to remove the projectile and control bleeding by packing the wound vice cauterizing. Food for thought...  

Hope this helps  


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