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hole in nail
hole in nail  
About 10 days ago I got a hole in the base of my nail by the cuticle. I have a small pea sized swollen bulb poking out and it is PAINFUL. I try to leave it uncovered to dry out as my Dr. told me to but it gets brushed and hurts. How can I get the swelling to go down. I'm afraid my nail won't grow back since it is down by the cuticle. HELP!

Hello Sandy,

I's sorry to say that I don't have a good option to make the bulb go away (your doctor may be a better one to ask about treatment for that). The injury looks like it isn't into the nail root which is where the nail "grows from" so I'm pretty confident the nail will continue to grow normally. You could try loosely wrapping the finger with a bulky gauze roll to pad it, though depending on the type of work you do that may not be an option either?

Talk with your doctor more about how to remove that bulb... maybe drainage or freezing or electro-cautery? (I'm only guessing at options... it's really up to your doctor).

I hope you get relief soon,


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