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A week ago I noticed what appeared to be a boil on my thigh (I never had one before) I spent days holding hot as I could tolerate compresses to it when it softened puss would come out when I squeezed gently on either side.  As I soaked and then squeezed out puss an a little clear liquid mixed with some blood the hole started to get bigger and the puss would harden up again and fill in the hole.  I noticed the area immediately around boil was purple and red, but realized I had been squeezing and messing with it so I left it alone for the last two days. This morning I took off the blister band-aid I had on it and realized I could move the hardened puss and actually extract it from my leg, only after the puss ball (or whatever it is called) came out I now have an open wound and it looks deep like maybe and inch or two, there was some bleeding.  I put triple antibiotic on it and covered with two large band aids that also had antibiotic medicine on them.  The hole is a little smaller than a dime, I have no red streaks running down my leg, nor do I have any fever or any indication of sickness - my question is do I need to see a Dr. because of the openness and depth of this wound? I have it covered, but will it heal on its own and/or do I need to get it looked at or stitches and will it just fill with puss again and if it does - then what.  Thank you so much for taking the time to answer my question (if you can).

Hello Laura,

If it's slowly getting smaller and continues to appear to be less intense and less inflamed I'd say it's probably healing and just watch it and keep it clean (wash daily with soap and clean water). Cosmetically, it may leave a scar (it's hard to say exactly) but if you are overly worried about scaring or are confident you will be making your living as a model you might want to visit a dermatologist and see what they can suggest. Maybe a plastic surgeon to further revise any scar tissue that forms?

I hope you get better soon.


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