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I was trying to find the right category to ask this question and first aid seemed to be the best fit. I have just been curious about something for a while. What would happen if a defibrillator was used on someone who didn't need one? I could think of a few scenarios, like for instance if a child somehow got hold of one and thought it was a toy and figured out how to use it. Could it kill them?

Hello Rob,

First, it world have to be a manual defibrillator like we have on the ambulance or in the hospital. An AED you would find at the mall, school, or work site has built-in safety features that would not allow someone with a rhythm wt be shocked. We shock patient's for a number of reasons, usually to stop a rhythm that cannot support life (usually V. Fib or V. Tach), with these rhythms the patient doesn't have a pulse and CPR should also be started. In the hospital and on the ambulance  we sometimes shock an otherwise normal rhythm which has become so fast the heart cannot pump blood well enough to keep the patient from passing out and ultimately, dying. This is usually done because of an "unstable, super ventricular tachycardia" and in this case we need to shock the patient while he still has a week pulse, and who may be awake. The important part about this kind of shock is that we (or the computer inside the defibrillator) must match up the cardiac rhythm with the shock placement in order to "reset" vs. stop the heart. There is a brief period of time (the relative refractory period) where an electrical shock placed within that period, will shut the heart's electrical system off. It's also possible with some defibrillators that the power setting is set too low to cause a catastrophic injury though with newer units it is more likely to automatically set it's self to an energy level that will work for the patient in distress.

See the attached web site about the relative refractory period (RRP):

I hope this answered your question.


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