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I'm having lots of problems with my neck first time I had my neck to cause me problem frist I am having limited range to be able to turn my head to my left to night something wired happen I was unable to move  it was wired a loud popping sounds like something got pinched and for a few minutes I could not move pain shot into my back and I was like frozen could not even move my body now I am dealing with the feeling of electricity feeling and pain it instantly caused a sever migraine and I force my neck to pop now it's like I have my head feels like it going to explode what causes this? Yes I did have a injury to my back and left shoulder about a year ago to my back and 1 ago to my shoulder .Some time I am were there hard jury's cause I'm in a Simi truck. I have also been having some trouble with my right leg last couple weeks now were I loose the the ability to walk. Why?

Hi Julie,

Thank you for choosing all experts. After reviewing the information presented in your inquiry , your medical needs appear to exceed the scope of what this Q & A service can provide. While we at All Experts appreciate your patronage, based upon the information you have provided, it appears you may have a condition (or conditions) that may benefit from a higher level of medical care.

Specifically, what information I am authorized to give you is as follows:

1. Head, neck and back injuries are not minor. They should be treated as medical emergencies.

2. Avoid engaging in activities that aggravate or worsen pain or discomfort.

3. Stabilizing care includes restricting mobility (to prevent possible further damage) until the area can be examined by someone qualified to issue a diagnosis and/or treat the illness and/or injury.

4. If you believe you are experiencing (or have experienced) a medical emergency involving your head, neck or back, call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room IMMEDIATELY.

First responders (including EMT's, first aid instructors and instructor trainers) are prohibited by law from issuing diagnoses unless they are licensed health care providers (such as physicians, nurse practitioners, etc.) in the applicable state. Additionally, many states prohibit a first responder from directing an individual to seeking medical care based upon information the patient has given.

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