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3.5-4 hours ago I was at a stagnant pond fishing and catching minnows in the muddy bank.
My right index finger struck a broken glass cup stuck in the murky sediment. I bled a little, not a lot.
The cut went diagonally into palm-side of finger. T
he depth/severity was at least twice that of a "nasty papercut" though.
I ignored the wound since it did not hurt and it did not appear to merit stitching.
I continued catching minnows, fishing, handling bait and pond scum etc for an hour and then showered etc.
After that, I saw that the entire finger was noticeably swollen and the color was a little pinkish. So I soaked the wound in hydrogen peroxide for over 2 minutes (til it stopped burning), applied 2 droplets of iodine, smothered it in Neosporin and applied a bandaid.

The finger has continued swelling, so much so that now the bandaid is needs to be loosened. The entire finger is pink, hot, throbbing like a toothache, and puffy. Theres a mild stabbing pain at the wound site.

The warmth extends all the way up to my elbow and can be felt by touching my arm comparatively with the other arm.

I'm afraid something vicious (bacteria/virus) may have gotten into the cut and is causing a very fast, aggressive infection.
No other idea what could cause these symptoms to develop so suddenly!

Should I take a watch and wait approach by just monitoring it? Should I start taking oral antibiotics (like clindamycin or amoxicillin). Should I be less of a worry-wart and ride it out like I would with any small cut?

Hello Amanda,

Yes, it does sound like you have a good infection brewing under your skin. If your symptoms haven't begun to improve by the time you read this it may be time to see a professional for advice, maybe antibiotics?

My advice is usually to stay away from hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is good for dissolving blood clots and may cause the wound to bleed more and tissue that may recover on the edges of the wound may die creating more tissue damage and a longer healing time. Iodine is excellent as a skin prep before surgery, but it's effect is really only after it dries on the skin. I would recommend washing all future wounds with lots of clean water and soap. After put Neosporin, polysporin or some other triple antibiotic ointment on the wound for a couple days.

Good luck, I hope your wound heals up quickly.


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