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Hi I was washing dishes tonight and a drop of diluted with water dishwashing liquid ejected into the corner of my eye. Will it be ok?I have an appt with an eye doctor on friday on a separate issue but maybe what happened is an emergency?? it was a tiny drop. Freaking out here!

Hello Tonia,

I apologize for taking so long to respond back (the system didn't notify me as it usually does that I had a question up on here). Yes, dish soap in the eye will burn but shouldn't cause any lasting damage. If in doubt wash your eye out with lots of water. In Tox-Medic class they say "the solution for pollution in dilution" you can almost never go wrong if you dilute whatever toxin or irritant is bothering you. Remember, if you wear contact lenses to take them out when you flush your eye or the soap may still be caught behind the lens.

Hopefully you have already seen your eye doctor and he has given you a similar response.

Stay healthy and safe,


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