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First Aid/I fell out of my truck and hit a tanker


QUESTION: I think I am in problems my shoulder is hurting .and my neck I can't handle the pain in my  neck hurt to  tingling in my neck on one side feeling like it's electrical when I rolling over some time I can't even move it feels like it and it becomes hard to move I'm not sure what i should do sence I am far from home and the truck broke down

ANSWER: Hi Julie,
Thank you for choosing all experts. First, there are a couple of issues. Is the chief complaint the tingling in your neck or your in your shoulder? The fact that the tingling is on one side is a good indication that the trauma occurred on that side. Any time you have a head, back,or neck injury, you should immobilize your spinal column to avoid further injury. Do not move your head, neck or back until you receive medical attention. Given the fact that this is a head, back or neck injury, you may wish to call an ambulance or get to the nearest emergency room as quickly as possible. Regarding your shoulder, is it the joint of your shoulder, or is it your scapula (the shoulder blade in your back)? In either case, you should try to place your arm in a position that reduces pain until you receive medical attention. In many cases, it is recommended that you make a sling by finding a stick and placing your arm on it, then wrapping a cloth (maybe a torn wash cloth, torn t-shirt, or something) around the stick and your arm, and then tying the cloth around your neck. If a cloth is unavailable you can use things such as purse straps or shoe strings. This allows you to keep from moving your shoulder and potentially further injuring the area. A great investment is a wilderness first aid kit, especially if you travel to remote areas without much traffic.

To summarize:
1. Stop all bleeding immediately.
2. Immobilize the affected areas. Do not move them.
3. Place your arm in a position that reduces the amount of pain you are in.
3. Call an ambulance or go to the nearest hospital.

Thank you again for contacting all experts.

Please note: It is unlawful in most instances for First Aid personnel who are not licensed healthcare providers to diagnose any condition. This answer is for general knowledge only and should not be used to replace medical attention from duly qualified EMT's, Nurses, or Physicians.

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QUESTION: I just got your message .but I have lost more than 3 quarter of the use in my shoulder and for get it I'm not even able to get close to home so my insurance will cover it.  But I can't hardly move my head cause when I do I have a sever numbness in my arm and pain running from my neck to my back and the person that is driving thinking it will go away in a few weeks I don't believe that it will

If you believe that this condition is a persistent emergency, please go to the local emergency room and seek medical attention immediately. While we at allexperts do value your patronage, it's important not to rely solely upon Q/A forums or colleagues/coworkers for medical advice unless they are licensed healthcare providers. You know your health better than anyone. If your physical condition is worsening, or not improving, and you believe you need medical attention, seek medical attention from a qualified physician immediately.

Best wishes and good luck.


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