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About ten hours ago, I went into my cousin's bedroom and decided to plop down on her bed (a little jump may have been involved; I was acting silly).  Anyway, her bed is next to a window.  As I was coming down, I hit my arm on the window sill and heard a cracking sound (pretty sure it wasn't the window sill).
When it happened, I felt pain, but also a weird numbness.  In all honestly, I felt a little dazed.  When it finally did start hurting, it was a horrible burning, then my whole arm felt slightly cold.
Over the last ten hours, the pain has slowly gotten worse.  It's not excruciating or unbearable, but there's a huge knot under the skin where I hit it.  I can't even lightly touch it without it burning and sending sharp pains down to my arm.  My whole arm is sore (especially my wrist).  Could I have injured a ligament?  A bone?
I haven't done anything since it happened (first aid wise), but I'm beginning to think I should have at least put some ice on it.
I'm sorry I didn't mention this before, but the bone I hit was the outer one on my right arm, about two inches down from my elbow (sorry, I'm not good at anatomy).
Is it possible that I could have seriously injured myself?
Thank you for taking the time to read this.
- Laura

Hello Laura,

Sorry to hear about your injury. The way you described the pain, numbness, burning, and cold sensations along your arm it sounds like some nerve involvement (whacking a nerve can give you similar feelings similar to when you hit your "funny bone" which is actually your Ulnar nerve). This may be similar to what is seen in some contact sports as a "burner" (see:  )

As for ice, Maybe... when the injury first happens though there is a growing school of thought in sports medicine that says ice isn't always the way to go and the swelling may actually help the injury heal. I would recommend keeping your arm protected from further injury (no pulling, heavy lifting, jarring) for a few days and see you you feel after that. If you still have burning, warm, or shocking feelings or you have problems with strength or full range of motion I would see a doctor about therapy to get back to normal function.

I hope you heal quickly.


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