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I was being a idiot and mixed ammonia with bleach and collapsed but I didn't pass out I was to weak to move leaving me to struggle to 40min-1hr trying to get out and luckly I did. I went to the hospital and they said my chest xray was ok but they didn't check my throat and stomach. The symptoms I had were blood in stool,difficulty breathing,stomach pain,difficulty swallowing,can't sleep because I choke off my saliva,coughing and my hands burn and irritate when it touch water and the sun. Please I need help is their a way I can fix this myself? They made me sit in there for over 6hrs and only ask me questions,look at my mouth and a chest xray.

Hello and thank you for choosing all experts. I must first respectfully apologize for the delay in response. I was temporarily delayed with previous employment obligations.

In case of accidental ingestion or suspected poisoning, contact your local poison control center immediately. Since you've sought medical attention already, I would recommend you keep regular communication with your primary care provider regarding signs (physical indications of illness or injury such as rash, bruising, bloody stool, etc) and symptoms (reported indications of illness or injury such as headache, nausea, ringing ears, etc).

Upon discharge, your emergency room physician should have given you instructions to use as a guide for returning to the emergency room. These are signs and symptoms to pay attention to. They list potential complications. If any of these signs occur, you should return to the ED immediately.

Likely, the reason they kept you in the ED for that long is controlled observation. It provides them with the ability to directly observe your physical condition. Xrays could have been taken to check for scarring and other traumas to the lungs, which often happens certain chemicals are mixed and inhaled. Drink plenty of clear liquids, and again, keep in constant communication with your physician regarding the severity or progress of these conditions.

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