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About 3 days ago I jammed my finger and the nail kind of ripped and my nail bed came threw it is so painful. I am just wondering does it take a long time for this to heal? Also will the nail grow back normally? I have a gauze around it because banging it is one of the most painful things I have endured. I have also been putting polysporin on it. Thanks

Hello Amanda,

Yes, damage to the nail bed can be very painful. Polysporin and keep it covered is a good start. Nails grow back quite slowly but it will eventually heal. After a week you will have less pain. After a month you should be back to doing most things with your hand without too much problem. It may take several months (6+) for a nail to grow back (this is assuming that you didn't kill the nail root which is buried deep under the skin of the finger. If this is the case it may not grow back, but I think it would be pretty hard to destroy the nail bed by jamming your finger alone). Good luck, heal quickly.


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