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In an emergency, how should I treat a spider bite?

Hello Camila,

It depends a lot on what kind of spider bit you (or if it was actually a spider). Many times people wrongly accuse the spider as the one doing all the biting. Spiders actually try to avoid biting if at all possible and save the risk of biting a human vs being killed by that human for occasions like protection of her eggs or imminent threat of being killed. Spiders like the Black widow and Brown recluse should be seen and treated by a doctor. General treatment for spider bites can include many of the same remedies as other bug bites; benadryl cream, calamine lotion and hydrocortisone cream. For the above mentioned Black widow and Brown recluse additional medications such as IV Calcium gluconate are given. Brown recluses bites specifically are known for producing large areas of necrosis (tissue death) and scaring. Here is a quick link from the Mayo Clinic also describing general treatment of bites.

I hope that answer helped. Stay well.


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