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I am writing a scene in which the main character has to perform a field blood transfusion to another character, that got shot and lost a lot of blood.
I know that there are field transfusion kits out there, but would it be possible for the main character to improvise a makeshift kit and directly transfer his own blood (he is 0-) to the other person? There are medical tools available around (syringes, band aids...), just not the whole kit. I would like the main character to build something that could be used as a kit using common materials or parts of other objects...

Thank you for your help!

Hello Giulia,

Yes, it would be possible. You would need a couple 500ml saline bags, IV tubing and a couple needles. I would advise a small amount of heparin in the collection bag as well so the blood didn't clot before it was donated.

One bag of saline would be emptied, attached to IV tubing and an IV placed in the donor's arm. The bag should have a small amount of heparin injected into the bag and let the blood flow. As the bag fills the blood should be gently agitated so the heparin can mix with all the blood. When done the blood is ready for transfusion.

Even if blood types are compatible from an ABO/Rh standpoint there are many, many other compatibility issues that could exist. Even in combat this is an issue where the risk of a life threatening hemolytic reaction could occur but the possibility of saving a soldier's life out-weights that possibility, though not by much.

Good luck with your story.


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