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Today I was splitting wood with a short sledge hammer (mini sledge) and ended up striking my shin. It swelled up immediately and  although it wasn't horrible painful, i decided to get it x-rayed. No broken. My question is does the immediate swelling somehow blunt the pain sensors? I am in chronic pain daily from fibromylgia and this huge bulge on my lower leg is a joke towards what i feel in my shoulder, hips, and knee. What temp is best for icing?


Ouch!!  I can't imagine how that felt!!  Usually swelling doesn't affect reduction in pain.   Swelling is usually inflammation due to the body's response to an injury.  To reduce the pain, apply ice (in a towel, not directly) for 20 minutes on the leave it off for a while and reapply.  Ice can help with the swelling.  For the pain, apply heat.   I would suspect you have your shin an awful bruise on the inside and will take a long time to heal.   Could take weeks...

I hope this helps.  Please feel free to email me again if anything is not clear.

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