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Do you have a brand/manufacturer recommendation on disposable instant cold packs such as Ace Cold Compress or Hart Quick-Ice?

I have this annual event where I am forced to walk too much on concrete floors and even with the best socks and shoes my feet get sore and I need relief. The Everready ones I bought last year didn't get cold enough or stay cold long enough.


Hello Theo,
Thank you for choosing all experts, and your question. Unfortunately, each ice pack serves the same purpose and will depend upon several factors including the temperature in which it is used, how much relief you need, how long it is stored/intended to be stored, etc. As a First Aid instructor, I really can't recommend one over the other (its unethical and unprofessional). Most of the instant cold packs I use come pre-packaged in jump kits, trauma kits, or emergency first responder kits. Thus, in times of emergencies, they all serve the same purpose (lower body temperature, provide relief from aches and pains, etc.). However, for personal aches and pains, I prefer to wrap ice in a cloth and alternate it with an ice pack (I prefer Rapid Aid myself). Please remember, this is not a recommendation, nor is it intended to offer medical care, treatment or expertise. For definitive medical advice, please seek the consult of a licensed medical care provider.

Thank you again for choosing all experts, and good luck.

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