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Hello, So i Just got a new large bayonet knife and was playing around with it. I managed to accidentally cut out a chunk of skin in between my index finger and thumb in the webbing area where the thumb connects to the hand. It was bleeding a lot initially but i managed to stop it and clean it with warm water. I put a gauze pad on it and wrapped it with a bandage roll to keep it from bending because anytime it bends it starts bleeding. Anyway, I'm not sure what to do from here and if i should go see a doctor. I don't think stitches would work in this situation either. I'd estimate that the chunk cut off is 2mm deep. So What could i do from home to make this situation better and make sure it heals properly? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

First thank you for choosing all experts. Next, I would like to apologize for the lengthy delay in response. I believe if you are in fear of any worsening of your condition and believe you are in need of medical attention, that you visit your emergency room or primary care physician. In the mean time, keep the bandage changed, and the injury clean with soap and water. I personally avoid washing injuries with microbial soap because many of the healthy microbes are disposed of during the cleansing/sanitation process. You may wish to pay attention to anything that makes the condition worse. Another consideration is tetanus. You may want to pay attention to whether or not you develop a pain in or around your jaw(s). Finally, you may wish to pay attention to infections. If you develop a fever, chills, experience severe swelling, abscesses or discoloration around the injury you may wish to visit your physician. Until then, you may consider reducing pain in the extremity without medication by keeping it slightly elevated. Again, thank you for choosing all experts.

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