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Hey there.

Was cutting an apple and the knife went through the apple and to my left hand where it skinned the top of my thumb, over the joint anda little past it. Sorry if I make any typing mistakes- now you know why. It's a broad cut, about .25-.5in wide. It's also a bit deep. I don't think it's at the muscle or bone, but it definitely hurts pretty badly. Upon getting it, I looked down, grabbed a towel and applied pressure and then...Fainted.

Now I'm awake and patiently waiting the bleeding to stop. It's been at it for around an hour. My question is: Do I go to the doctore (moneyyy)? Do I go to the emergency clinic? Do I do home remedies? Do I hold it in a certain position? Are there any signs that I should hop on down to the er and stop fixing myself?

Hi: Marina;

Sorry for the delay in responding. If you are not able to control the bleeding by now, please go the ER or walk in clinic. That is most important. If bleeding is stopped, keep the area clean and dry. If any redness, swelling, or continued pain occurs go the ER of your DOC. Because of the location, it will be tender and sore for a awhile.

Hope this helps..


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