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I am writing a film and have some questions.

If someone were to be slashed across the stomach deep enough to both damage internal organs and make the organs/intestines fall out, how long would they have to live? What would someone be able to do as far as first aid and treatment in an ambulance? How much pain would they be in?

Say the liver, spleen, and intestines were slashed and the intestines fell out. Say she was also stabbed once in the back/kidney area, how long would she have to live in these circumstances and what do you think could be done to try to save her or prolong her life? Would she be conscious for most of this? Or pass out?

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Hello Michael,

I apologize for taking longer than usual to get back to you. Abdominal organs can cycle large volumes of blood through them and therefore your character would likely die pretty fast after being attacked (less than 30 minutes, possibly less than 15 minutes). at some point near the end of that time period they would become unconscious or at least disoriented because of lack of blood. To save your character they really need a surgeon. Direct pressure is about the best you can do to slow the bleeding but it's not likely to do much, maybe extend life a few minutes if that. IV fluid wouldn't be of any real help either (IV fluid doesn't carry Oxygen and that is what they need. Maybe if there was a large supply of cross matched blood it would help some but that is pretty far fetched.

I hope that answered your questions. Happy writing.


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