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dimar hunjfuu wrote at 2007-04-15 14:51:38
Lookup "Melamine foam" on Wikipedia. That is what a Magic Eraser is made of, and it is not suitable for use on human skin. The packaging most likely contains  instructions that indicate this fact. A magic eraser is basically a kind of 'sandpaper sponge'.  

Susan B wrote at 2007-10-10 18:56:19
Magic Erasers do not contain any materials that could result in chemical burns. When used as directed on hard surfaces, the cleaning effects of Magic Eraser are amazing and safe. Like other cleaning products, Magic Eraser is meant for use by adults only, to reduce the risk of misuse by children. This warning is reflected on all of our packaging.

The Mr. Clean Original Duo and Extra Power Erasers are comprised of melamine foam that cleans like a mild abrasive and contains no additional chemicals. Our Foaming Cleanser contains a small amount of mild detergent. Improper use of Magic Eraser on the skin may result in mild discomfort comparable to what one would receive from rubbing the skin with very fine sandpaper, but will not cause chemical burns.

If you believe that you have received a physical abrasion from misusing Magic Eraser on your skin, cool down the affected area with cold, running water for several minutes. As with any injury, consider seeking medical attention if your symptoms become more severe.

-Susan, Mr. Clean Team

Jamen wrote at 2010-01-13 21:03:17
Susan, where did you get your facts from? Have you ever used it on your skin? Melamine is an abrasive and effects all surfaces equally. How is skin any different? I have also received a burn accidentally from it coming in contact with a sensitive area of my skin. A result of a "feeling of sandpaper" from an ingredient in your product is in fact a chemical reaction. I would suggest that you get your facts straight before disseminating false information. The two main chemicals in your product are in fact harsh abrasives.  

Mandy Johnson wrote at 2012-04-14 13:28:45
I to have a chemical burn from this product after thinking I could remove marker on my arm. The pain was really bad and I now have what looks like little blisters and swelling with-in the whole area that was rubbed. So don't tell people there are no chemicals in this product.  

Broken Pen in Back Pocket wrote at 2012-12-28 05:37:50
I thought it was a good idea to use a "soap scum" Mr Clean Magic Eraser to take off a large area of black ink on my skin.  NOT!!! The area is very swollen, very sore, and feels bruised and burned. What was I thinking?  I'm hoping that cool water and a couple ibuprofen will take the pain away.  

Sgt. Pritchette wrote at 2015-01-28 12:59:32
Why would you use any house cleaning product on your skin, would be my fist question. Secondly you all need to do your research, there aren't chemicals in the original as she stated look up the MSDS. Infact you can buy the same type of sponge in bulk just about anywhere. It is however mad with a chemical but does not contain chemicals, but affectivly you all rubbed sand paper on your skin! Why on earth would an adult do that for any reason except for self mutilation. Of course you have burns go to Home Depot and buy sandpaper and use that to rub marker of your skin and you will get the same result. Box should read not safe for children or ignorant uneducated adults.


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