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Hi, I am 30 years old, divorced and have a 6 year old daughter. me and my ex split up back in 2008. reason for divorce was that we have been separated for over 5 years. After 9 months later our daughter was born in October 2008 after we split up. I regularly have contact with my daughter every week.

my ex and I are not seeing anybody but I would like to move on in my life. i have joined a local dating site. They require me to sign up on a dating site.

my question is what can I write in the profile section? i need to give an eye-catching headline which sums up my personal profile in one sentence. what can I write? please help.

My advice to you in terms of writing a profile description for yourself is to keep it honest because words can be very powerful and what a woman reads is what she expects to see so don't say something and then do the opposite. Staying consistent is what is key and don't lie about yourself because that doesnt sit well with women and with the way dating is today people are tired of dealing with those who don't seem to be in the way of being honest with each other. Be honest about your marital status and I would aim for a woman who is also a parent so that you will have something in common with someone. Describe your interests in detail and make them sound appealing. What you want is to attract someone who shares the same interests and values as you do. Screen your dates once you get replies as to who fits what you're looking for and go with that. Also when you post photos post pictures that reflect who you are as a person maybe one of you doing one of your favorite activities, one of you and your child together, and one with a couple friends. No photos of yourself drinking or doing questionable things since there's that saying pictures are worth a 1000 words and what people see is how they perceive you. It's all about making a good impression.  

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