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Fish/Mollie Fish Birthing Behavior


gg wrote at 2010-01-17 15:55:59
I was looking for answers to my fish problem and saw this now i am curious did she have the babies how many and how are they?

3molly2forty wrote at 2012-10-31 07:17:01
Idk how old this is but moving the first mother so soon was bad as you saw.  If your trying to get the timing down right just keep a good eye out with their belly's.  I'm on my 3rd generation of mollies from the same 3 mothers (dalmation, black, and creamsicle) and 2 of my creamsicles are very easily pregnat with HUGE bellies.  We like to go the natural route and allow the adults and fry to live together.  Mainly because we started with 3 (never knew they all were pregnat) females and now after generation 2 being in the 20-30 surviving range, we decided that as long as some srvive we're happy.

Hopefully this helps and you didn't lose the other mother...good luck!

sivaseshendra wrote at 2013-12-12 10:40:10
i had 4 batches of fry 1 frm black molly 2 batches frm silver mollies n 1 from black tail guppy...nly black molly died because it lays many fries.but remaining are fine n healthy

KaylahDemi wrote at 2015-10-07 13:56:30
Please don'tbtranfer her to a birthing tank!!! As with your other Molly dying, it's from the stress of the move. If you're trying to move her to keep the babies from being eaten, your best bet would to be just leave her in there Nd'let her give birth in there. You can net the babies out or use a turkey baster to suck them up and transfer them.I think you will have a better chance at living, healthy fry if you just leave her be to give birth. Also, feeding twice or three times daily if you don't alreay is an excellent preventative for the othwr fish eating the babies.


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