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Hi Jaymie... I hope you can help.  I have had a black ghost knife fish for about 7 years. He has always been healthy. Recently he has developed a bloated upper body and his mouth stays wide open and lower jaw has turned white. He has stopped eating.  No new fish or anything else have been added within the last year to the aquarium.  Any ideas?


Charlie, I am so sorry that it took so long to answer your question. You, I am sure understand these are a very delicate and friendly fish. They tend to be easy to train to eat from your hand and get very close to their owners. In captivity if the water conditions stay in the correct parameters which it sounds like you have under control can live for around 7 to 8 years. Did you add anyone new to the tank or anything at all like a plant or a rock. This can be a sign of parasites if you have. You can look for a parasite medication in your pet shop. MAKE SURE it has NO copper in it. Since it is a scaleless fish it is very irritating for them. If you are using salt in the water in can be a build up of salt. Remember salt is only removed from water changing it does not evaporate. If nothing has changed then the first thing I would do is get a bacterial cure because they are prone to infection because of the lack of scales. Marycin II is a good one for it. The thing is just the fact that you have kept the water so well is why he is 7 years are a great parent :). The anti bacterial has some vitamins that may a boost and get back on feed I hope. for abit but the bump may be cancer it is hard to say without a necropsy after the fact. If it is constipation  but, because of the area I doubt it....that is bacterial so the maracyn should help that you can try fresh or frozen peas softened with some tap water and peeled But, it is carnivorous fish and though some carnivorous fish do eat veggies this usually aren't one of them. Please let me know if there are any changes or any other questions. Good Luck, Tina  


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