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hi  Jamie,It is me George,I once sent you a mesage for help almost a year ago on my goldfish.I need help.I have one year old goldfish,a half year old goldfish,and two baby goldfish.the little ones I put recently with the big ones but yesterday one with a black spot on it died and a few  hours later the half year old gold fish is at the bottom if his moving his flippers very slowly and making no attempt of getting up and swimming ,I am really scared and don't want him to die .please answer me back as fast as you can.

Goldfish fry are very fragile and need their water to be very clean. I am thinking that your tank has an ammonia and/or nitrite problem. Test your water to make sure both ammonia and nitrites are at zero. Let me know what the readings are so that I can help you better. I would remove the other fry and put it back into the tank you originally had it in.


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I have 30+ years experience in freshwater aquariums, including the 23 years I was in the Marine Corps. I am very knowledgeable in fresh water aquariums and can answer any question regarding them. Currently I am breeding Betta's and can answer any question that pertains to them. I am very knowledgeable in the cycling of an aquarium from start to finish. I know all about filters, and currently make my own. If I do not know the answer to your question, I will research it and give you the information that I find. I am also knowledgeable in freshwater diseases and can tell you what needs to be done to treat them.FYI......I am male not female. Don't let the name fool ya. lol


I have had aquariums all my life and have had many different types of fish.

The only education I have is from both raising the fish and reading everything I can find about them.

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