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We have a black Molly, she gave birth a day after we bought her and we captured 21 babies and all have survived. Now they are still in the netted tank for babies in our regular 30 gallon tank.  Last night she gave birth again to 23 babies and 1 did not make it. We put the new babies with the 3 week old babies and there making it. My question is, I have a clown knife fish that's about 5 inches in total length do you think if I put the three wee old babies which are 1 inch in length, will he eat them???? And how cam she have babies so fast, and can they mate with any type of fish... I have no other mollies in this tank?  My email is

Thanks, Shannon

The fry can be placed with any other fish as long as they are too big to fit in the mouth of the other fish. If in doubt, don't put them with the other fish. Female Mollies, along with all other livebearers, can hold on to sperm for six months and sometimes longer. She can continue to have babies until she has used up the sperm. That is why you have had fry again. It can and most likely will, happened again.


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