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Everything I read from Cichlid experts, regarding African Cichlids, says the water should be moderately Hard and a PH of 7.8-8.2.  That being said, my Local Fish store (PetCo) keeps All of their Fresh water fish in the same water, Tropical, Community, Cichlids all in Moderately soft water GH of 4-6 degrees, and a pH of 7.4  (I happen to live 1/4 mile away and have the same water parameters as the store).   Is it really necessary to buffer my water and boost the PH up some and make the water Harder in order to successfully keep African Cichlids?  will they thrive in my current water conditions? Any advice for a first time African Cichlid owner would be great.

55 Gal Tank
Fluval 406 Canister filter and Topfin Hang on Back Power Filter
Substrate - Pool Filtered Sand
Flagstone rock work for hiding/caves

Hi Chris,
  In general, east African cichlids seem to do better in hard, alkaline waters.  However, it depends on the source of your fish.  So for instance, if you are getting wild fish, fresh from the Lake, you need to use hard, alkaline water.  The fish you find in Petco have been in captivity for many generations and are likely adapted to much more neutral water. So, for instance, I keep my east African cichlids in roughly neutral water.  Most importantly, changing the water parameters too rapidly are much more likely to cause problems than anything else. So, should you decide to raise the pH, do so gradually, over a week or even longer, not all at once.
The change is what can shock the fish.

-- Ron C.
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