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Blue gorumi
Blue gorumi  

Gold gorumi
Gold gorumi  
Hi at the moment I have a 2ft tank with one angel, one small red tail shark two gorumis one blue and one gold one.
I just want to know is it normal for the blue and gold gorumi to have spots on their tails and fins? Or is it a disease? And if so how do I treat it?
I had neons but all then got sick and I have no choice but to euthanize them before the others get infected.
Thank you

Rebecca, I see them but, can not make out the color. I am pretty sure you probably have Ich. This is a parasite. Very easy to get rid of. Clean your tank. Go to the pet shop and get a medication called coppersafe. Add I believe its a teaspoon per gallon but, check the directions. This is copper based, a mineral. It will stay in your water but get a little weaker over time. It will treat your tank 30 days. More than the life cycle of the parasite. You do not have to remove your carbon from your filter. That should take care of it. Good Luck, Tina


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