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I recently bought a flowerhorn it's a beautiful looking fish with a good hump  and colour and pearl, It was very active on the first day then after a day it started sitting at the bottom. But it used to eat.....then I increased the temp of the heater, so now it's active and perfect......I want to know is bore well water good or tap water for the fish.......I feed it with humpy head, shrimps, goat heart, bloodworms, and hikari gold........

ANSWER: Ajit, It sounds like your flowerhorn is a very spoiled fish. : ) You have him on a great diet!!! Careful with overfeeding him people like to grow them fast so the nuchel hump grows quick. I would go with tap it is probably filtered . Your well water is filled with a lot of harsh minerals and unfortunately they do not evaporate. They can only be removed with water changes. They do not help when they are trying to process their oxygen. Since they drink by absorbing and releasing water. As they grow they need a lot of oxygen and a lot of room. A couple tips for keeping these beautiful fish. Add a bubbler to your tank. It can be an air stone ran by a simple air pump. This will add more oxygen to your water. The heat for them is best between 26-29 Celsius. Also make sure your pH is between 7.4-8.0. I keep it on the higher side. You can bring it up with simple baking soda......make a solution and add small amounts over a few hours until you get the proper pH which I keep them at 7.7. Good Luck, Tina

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QUESTION: Thanks for the quick reply......I would like you to see my FH bcoz I have heard people talking about grading of flowerhorn.....he is too young just 2 months old......I am attaching the link to the video.....

ANSWER: Ajit, That is one beautiful FH. I am still abit concerned about his gasping. I would add a little more air to the water. Thank-You so much for the pics of your FH., Tina

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QUESTION: Thanks a lot Tina, I was also thinking about the gasping of it, but now he is fine......i have increased the air presure, there is one more thing he loves cockroaches is it ok if he eats them......he eats anything that is given to him.......i have not fed him with live fish yet, is it ok to do pet shop here sells feeding gold fish which normally people buy to feed arowanas, oscars, and that fine, or will my cute little fish  get disease bcoz of it, I have heard that feeding live fish can have disease if they are not kept properly....i change 30% of water after every 48 hrs, and I feed it in very small quantity but several times with a variety of food......2 pellet of humpy head in the morning, then half a shrimp after 4 hrs, then a small piece of goat heart, then hikari gold 2 pellet, then sometimes i give him small cockroach.......

Thanks for your advice are very quick to reply and very informative.........with lots of knowledge......

Ajit, Absolutely in the wild they eat many insects and it is a good source of protein. You are so right about the feeders. They especially carry parasites amongst other disease they can introduce to your tank. His diet is perfect lots of variety and the pellets as a supplement. I saw a very happy and healthy fish don't change a thing....Good Luck, Tina


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