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Hi, Tina

I am Raj from Kolkata, India. I have a fresh water aquarium having dimension 24"x12"x18.5" (LxWxH). The age of my aquarium is about 3 years. It is mainly community aquarium containing Rosy Barbs, Tiger Barbs, Serpae Tetra, Widow / Black Tetra, Guppies, Platys, Danios, Loaches & Corydas. The total number of fishes is approx. 26 nos. On last Sunday I bought 4 nos. female Mickey Mouse Platy. I acclaimised the fishes normally (by floating the bag for 20 mins, then opened the bag, add about half cup of aquarium water and again kept the bag floating for 20 mins & then gently released the fishes into the aquarium). But out of 4 platys, 2 platys died within couple of hours. Another platy behaved very strangely. She became very restless, moved errotically & frantically throughout the aquarium, often banged against the glass wall. Then she would suddenly become calm and dropped like a stone on to the gravel. She would lie on the gravel for half an hour and again started the same errotic behaviour.  Unfortunately this Platy died on Monday.  The last Platy (Thanks God) is still alive, but she is always staying hidden inside the plants & decors.

I have UGF and Sponge Filter. Also I have Power Filter which I use only during summer months to keep my water cool. I also use   airstones fitted with air pump. I am using 150 W Heater fitted with thermostat and the temp. is fixed at 28 deg C. I do 20% water change on a monthly basis. I have some plants mainly Amazon Sword Plant, Water Lily & Vallisneria. I feed my fishes CP Optima Pellets (Floating Type) and live Tubifex occasionally.

I would want to know from you what went wrong on my side for which my Platys died and that Platy behaved in such unusual manner.

Kindly give yr suggestions / remedies so that in near future this type of calamity do not occur.



Raj, As I said. It was nothing on your side. The conditions of your water with a tank that stocked become poor quicker than you think. The other fish acclimate to this slowly.  I truly believe your water quality could be better with lager water changes. They did not adapt. Truly I would not add anymore fish to your tank it is perfect. Good Luck, Tina


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