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Hi Will,

I have a tropical 55 gallon tank and recently, I lost my last gourami and is left with my 13''+ long pleco. While my pleco is big, he has yet to completely outgrow my tank as i'm in a pinch to try and get another one, but that isn't my question. What fish could I possibly add in my tank so I can have some life with the pleco. I usually keep the heater at 85 degrees, and I have two air stones..and I have a 60 whisper hanging box filter. I have a good set up I think but i'm puzzled as to what fish could be happy with a big pleco

You have many options. Personally, I'd go with a single medium size South American cichlid like an oscar or green terror. I love the color and character those fish have.

You could also try some smaller, faster moving schooling fish that occupy the water column. Keep in mind for some of these fish you may want to periodically raise and lower the temperature (86-74 degrees, without sudden changes, no more than a degree or two per day).

My advice would be to find a book or website listing popular aquarium fish and skim it until you find some you like. Do your research once you've found some. Your local fish store will be able to help from there, and so will I if you still have specific questions.


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