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I own 3 bettas, two males one female in 1 gallon bowls individually. They are fed daily, changed weekly. But one of the males is "freezing" in place then then going spaztic. Almost like a seizure. If he isn't doing that he is totally lathargic and has no intersted in food. Could it be contagious to my other bettas. Should I be worried. Thnx for your time.

Michelle, When you buy fish there is no guarantee they will not have parasites. With something like fluke's what happens is they collect around the gills. Sometimes you can see them sometimes you can't but you may be able to with a magnifying glass.This collection of worms causes asphyxiation even though they have a labyrinth organ they still need to pick up the oxygen in their gills. You need to go and get the Jungle parasite tabs. They are mild and safer for small tanks. You will have to boil everything in the tank or replace it. Bleach your bowl and let it sit for a day so the ammonia has evaporated. If you haven't mixed water and bought them in separate containers at different time's you are probably ok. If you want to treat your other male and female it will not hurt them. Good Luck, Tina


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I can answer all questions about chemistry of water and I am familiar with diseases. infection, and parasites of fresh and saltwater fish and with medication. I can help you with new set ups, stocking them, what fish go together and what doesn't and why, breeding. Also, any questions on filtration and lighting. I love this kind of work. Helping people keep their fish successfully is so rewarding to me.


I have been in the petcare industry for about 20 years now. I have taken care of hundreds of tanks.I have been in management of a petshop for yrs.I was a petcare specialist for a large pet chain for years. I have had many tanks of my own from fresh, brakish to salt. There isn't much I haven't come

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