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Fish/Reactions to vibrations in the water caused by different genres of music.


Hello, I am a 15 year old sophmore in highschool, and I hope to enter a local science fair. I'm really intrested in fish and I want to learn more about how the vibrations in their water cause them to react, using music. This isn't a very popular topic and I haven't found much about it online so I'm wondering if you could use your expertise to help me with this. I mostly want to know if their reactions are noticable enough to record and study. I plan to use african chchild fish if i an able to do this project so, any information will be greatly appreciated! thanks for your time(:

This is interesting. I know little about it, but in a 2010 edition of Aquarium Fish International, they had an article about this.
Here's the story to the best of my memory:
A night club in Brazil had a tank featuring monster amazonian fish. One of these was an aripima gigas.
After about 10 years, the club closed down and they sent the aripima (who was now about 7' long) to an public aquarium. The aquarium found the aripima was stressed and not eating under normal conditions, so they quarantined the fish and played loud dance music and flashed colored strobe lights at it's tank late at night and the fish acted perfectly normal and healthy again the next day. After several months of this, they tried to ween the fish off of music and lights, but could not. This is very odd because osteoglosimidea are incredibly skittish and sensitive to light and noise. My silver arowana freaks out when i turn the light on too quickly or close to door a little too hard. I'm not sure if they still do this or even have the fish but it's a fascinating story to me.

I am not supposed to answer questions related to school/homework, so please use this only as a reference point rather than source of info. Do your own research. Cite your sources properly. Let me know if you run into any trouble along the way and I'll do what I can to help. I'm curious to see what you find, if you're willing to keep me updated!


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