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My Betta has been sick for about two weeks. I am scared to just give Hume an antibiotic because he "might" have one thing or another. He is staying on the bottom of his 5 gallon tank, doesnt eat much, and his body is all truned. He has his head looking up. I did a water change 4 days ago and have only feed him once since, due to the food just floating at the top, and he isn't getting any better. I have a filtration system in the tank and I keep reading different things that I shouldn't run it then I read elsewhere that I should. I have it running now do the food at th top of the tank.  I have attached some pictures. He has lost a few scales and does look a little gray. Ang suggestions?

I am thinking that he does not have a heater in his tank. This usually happens when their water is too cold. Make sure his water is no cooler than 80 degrees at all times. Once you get his water at the right temperature, you should see a huge change in him. I would also add some aquarium salt to his water at a ratio of 1 tablespoon per 1 gallon of water.


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