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Hi Tina...This isn't a question. Just want to thank you for your reply to my black ghost knife question. Nothing new had been added to the tank. I was ready to write the knife fish off, but he snapped out of it on his own and now seems to back to his old self.  I really really appreciate your response and will be sure to contact you with any future problems.  Thanks again.

Charlie Fowler

Charlie, I am so glad to hear that. They are such special guys and all wild caught with the exception of a case of breeding in captivity in Australia. So you helping conservation having him or her....:)There are liquid vitamin supplements. If you want to try them ...they do have a calcium deficiency in captivity sometimes. If it is doing fine don't change a thing. Very glad to hear the good news thank- you for letting me know. Good Luck, Tina


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Tina Beatty- Quiao


I can answer all questions about chemistry of water and I am familiar with diseases. infection, and parasites of fresh and saltwater fish and with medication. I can help you with new set ups, stocking them, what fish go together and what doesn't and why, breeding. Also, any questions on filtration and lighting. I love this kind of work. Helping people keep their fish successfully is so rewarding to me.


I have been in the petcare industry for about 20 years now. I have taken care of hundreds of tanks.I have been in management of a petshop for yrs.I was a petcare specialist for a large pet chain for years. I have had many tanks of my own from fresh, brakish to salt. There isn't much I haven't come

Well besides yrs of experience, I have a background in biology and chemistry.

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