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Fish/Blind flowerhorn


im concerned about my flowerhorn.
I have a tank that's about 2 feet long, close to 1 foot wide, and 1 foot high.
I change about 30 % of the water every 15 days and have a filter as well as a heater that keep the temperature at about 28C.
both his eyes have turned slightly cloudy white. There is some redness and I can also see a small yellow clump at the bottom of his eye. i do not know what it is, but I dont think he can see because he cant find his food easily and keeps bumping into things now and then. I dont know the ph of the water but I just use regular tap water and have a mechanical filter inside the tank. He is the only fish in the tank. I also have a light attached inside the roof of the tank.
I dont know what to do. I dont know what it is, and if it's treatable?
Would appreciate some advice. Thank you :)

ANSWER: Hi Amaan,
  Unfortunately it is really hard for me to say what is going on. When a fish's eyes go cloudy that is usually caused by one of two things: either attacks from another fish (which is not possible in the case of your fish), or some problem with the water.  However, you say that you change the water every couple of weeks, so unless the water you are using is contaminated, I am at a loss as to what could be happening. Sorry.

-- Ron Coleman
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thanks for taking the time to reply. I wanted to ask if there's any medication to treat eye infections or such. I've heard of melafix. Is there anything else, and does this stuff work? Also, now that my flowehorn Is blind, if he remains blind, can I pair him with some other fish?

Hi Amaan,
 The problem is that you have to find out what is causing the eye problem. Treating the symptoms will not remove the problem.  

  You can try Melafix but I don't think that will solve the root problem.

  As for putting him with another fish, if he is blind, you have to be very careful because the other fish can easily attack him.

-- Ron C.
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