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Fish/Dropsy, Duck Lips, Bloated


My flower horn has been ailing for over 2 months now. We treated him with necessary antibiotics but the diseases relapsed and took different forms.

We are currently subjecting him to Tetracycline and Metranidozol and have also placed the Holiday Food in his tank. But his stomach is severly bloated. Its gills have almost dissolved. Part of his face had turned black, and is still dark. I think its also got Duck Lips (My poor baby :( )

What I want you to answer is, (a) why does the lather form and float on water (b) i see yellow wooly residues settling at the bottom (c)where in India can I e-shop Epsom Salt & Quick Cure

Your response would be highly awaited and priced. Thanx.

ANSWER: You are giving me an apt description of the treatment but medication is not useful when there are factors of tank size and water quality.

So before I can continue answering I need you to cover a couple of my questions.

Water parameters
Tank size

If you could, could you be as specific as possible about the environment the flowerhorn is living in?

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Following up,

I used to use a normal filter, manufactured by Taiyo (sans carbon). But now my baby is so week that it cant withstand its pressure, so its been removed.

He's the lone fish in a 3 ft aquarium and is about 8 months old.

The aquarium has a heater set to 26 degree Celsius and an Oxygen supply.
Currently, I'm keeping its roof open, to increase the exposure of water to oxygen.

It receives ample daylight and also has LED lights fitted on the aquarium roof.

The water used is not subjected to any chemical treatment so far as I assume it has optimum pH.

The aquarium now has no plants, decorations, gravel or stones.

Please respond soon.


Your problem is right there. A small aquarium. 3 feet is around a 25-30 gallon aquarium. A flowerhorn needs almost double that, a 55-65 gallon aquarium, with plenty of territories to claim.

Right now the factor I can see is stress induced. Without hiding places as in its natural environment and lacking in space this can produce a lot of stress on a creature.

Do you test the water? I need to know:

Ammonia - Dissolved gills are from ammonia burns
PH Level

Without a filter the water becomes unclean and in a matter of hours, especially with a higher bio-load fish such as a flower horn, ammonia produces.

I would get a filter that doesn't produce a lot of current.

His symptoms seem like bloat, ammonia burns, fin rot, and maybe even hole-in-head disease.

What lathers on the top of the water? The medication?
How many times a day do you feed? What do you feed?
Water maintence?  


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