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Fish/Flower Horn fish with swollen eye


I have a Flower Horn who is about 1.5 years' old. About 10 days ago, I noticed that his left eye was swollen out of its socket and the covering on top of his eye( which is usually transparent) had become translucent and cloudy. About 5-6 days ago, he stopped eating.

A local aquarium keeper suggested treating him with Paracidol on day 1, Bactinol on day 2 and Stress Heal on day 3, with a 10% water change every day. So far, there has been no improvement and the eye looks the same.

I happened to read online that this could be what is commonly known as Popeye and that Maracyn is effective in treating it. So I've placed an order online and am waiting for it to be shipped to me from Chicago( I live in India).

I would really appreciate any advice you can give me on treating my fish's eye condition. I'm a first-time owner and don't have much experience.

Thank you.


Hi Keerthi,
  "Popeye" is a symptom, as opposed to a cause.  Popeye can be caused by many things including mechanical damage, poor water conditions, or various infections.  You can try Maracyn and hopefully that will help.

-- Ron C.
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