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Fish/Flowerhorn hit the glass and lost balance



Hello Ron.
My fish is Red Dragon Flowerhorn, it has been with me for more than 2.5 years. It is kept in a tank of 30inch width, 18inch height and 18 inch length. Am from Mumbai, India.
Two days ago while a friend of mine was playing with it (touching outside of the aquarium), there was a big bang of my fish hitting hard on the glass to attach the finger. Next second, the fish was upside down and was swimming in all abnormal direction. I quickly got a steel rod to support it and held it parallel to the glass wall and supported him for about an hour (am attaching an image when this was done). After that he slowly recovered and stared very careful movements. It is still in the careful mode, moves himself without falling but it seems he leans to the left more while he is stationary. He also cannot turn to his left normally. He eats just a little less than normal. Please let me know what to do to make my fish be normal again.
Also, he has a hole in his right fin since 3 months. Despite of that he used to swim and eat well till now. Also, there is another request..As we all are part of the Nature cycle, it is understood that we all living creatures will face health issues, and my flower horn is no exception.
I want he keep a handy guide for me and all the fish lovers to refer in-case anything goes wrong.
Itís better to have safe solutions known instead of searching for whole internet in panic when fish is unwell.
Maybe you can add a list of medicines everyone with a flowerhorn should keep handy in-case they are out and fish is taken care by friends and parents.
I believe you will help this case. Thanks.

Hi Navin,
  I am sorry to hear about your fish.  I don't think that there is anything that you can do for him other than to give him time to recover.

  As far as medications, the general rule should be to use as few as possible. The best medicine is to keep the water very clean and to feed your fish with good food. Those two things will do more for your fish than most medicines.  In fact, the only medicine I ever really use is Rid-Ich for the rare time when I get a new fish that has ich.  

-- Ron C.
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