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QUESTION: Hi.. I have 3 oscars, 2tiger around 1.4inch and 1 lutino 4.5 inch. My oscars have got some white spots on thr body.. its like thr skin is gng off .. Thy have also become unactive. I guess it is ich. I raised the temp of water to around 26C .. And put two tabel spoon of aquarium salt.. Bt ita havng no effct on thm i also put the medicine called rid.. Plese help. M new to oscar n dnt wana loose mine m havng thm frm 3 nths nw.. Please help the white spots are spreadng n my o's are getting unactive.. :'(

ANSWER: What is your tank size? This is a very important question.

For three full grown Oscar Cichilids you will need a 150-200 gallon aquarium with double or triple filtration. As of now they are juveniles and for a grow-out tank a 75 gallon is needed and then when they reach the 6-8 inch mark move them to their permenant aquarium.

It sounds more like white-spot fungus or hole-in-head Cichlid disease.
Ich has the appearance of dandruff, white flecks floating around and gathering on the fish, not mottling or skin deformation.

You'll need to give me your water parameters as well.

Poor water quality causes white-spot and Ich.

I can help you more if you could possibly provide an image of your sick Oscar and fill in a couple of my questions.

I'll be glad to help you in any way, I've owned many Oscars in my time and they are a great fish to own.

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my oscar
my oscar  

my oscar
my oscar  
QUESTION: thank you so much for your immidiate reply.. my oscars are in a 30 gallon tank right now but i have a 70 gallon at home but it is not in use for years now but in a good condition. shall i move my oscars in it? what should i do directy fill the tank with exsisiting tank water and add more to it?
I am so sorry i am unable to provide you with water parameter because i am not getting any kit here or te shop keepers check for parameter.:-( but i do change 20% of the water every day and vaccum the bottom. Yesterday i raised the temp to 26C after that they look a bit active than before but not much atleast after that they came to me wen i went near them.. please help i love m oscars dont want to lose them.
i have attached a image is quite blur.. sorrry..
thank sooo much again

30 gallon is much too small for a full grown 1-2 foot Oscar. I understand that there can be confusion with Oscar's as common chain petstores sell them as "30g" minimum fish.

You don't have to give me the water parameters the tank size gave me a good idea of what's going on. You'll want to set up the 70g, use the existing filter cartridge to cycle the aquarium the water does not have much of the bacteria needed to cycle the new aquarium. Put in a few decorations and wait four to seven days.

You'll need to test the new tank's water to see if it is fully cycled which means: No ammonia, no nitrites and 20-40 PPM nitrates.

The water may look and seem to be good clear water but it all depends on the ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates that are going down chemically.

Water quality is the best medicine you can give and then decide treatments.

Once they are settled in the aquarium continue to use heat. Make sure you have double or triple filtration on the 70 gallon as well so the water quality remains perfect. Weekly do 30% water changes w/ gravel siphon.

While you are setting up the 70g do a massive water change on the 30 gallon aquarium, 50-65%, and suck up as much crud at the bottom as you can. Oscars prefer sand or bare bottom aquariums as with gravel they shove it around into piles which creates sewage build up and small stones doesn't hold the nitrifying bacteria (the bacteria that stablizes and cycles the aquarium) very well.

I would do this as soon as you can and then I'll help you with future steps if needed.

The Oscar isn't terribly mottled with white spot, I believe that if you get the 70g running quickly you'll be able to save them.


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